The Need

Over the coming years, many medical groups will seriously consider a merger with another group. Groups will use this strategy to strengthen their position in the health care delivery market, provide additional geographic coverage, add specialties to strengthen their competitive advantage, secure referral systems, and obtain greater control in contracting for managed care.

This complex and challenging process requires careful planning, analysis and implementation if it is to be successful.

Our Services

Latham Consulting Group offers a range of merger consulting services which can be customized depending on your particular circumstances

Pre-merger Assessment Services

To help groups that are at the beginning of the merger process, Latham Consulting Group has developed Pre-Merger Assessment Services. These services focus on analyzing the practices which are considering a merger and identifying (1) reasons to merge; (2) barriers to the merger, and (3) next steps.

Our process includes interviewing members of each group, reviewing key practice documents and preparing a report which addresses key merger topics This report can then be used as a basis for further merger discussion and negotiation.

Merger Planning/Negotiation Facilitation Services

Many groups find themselves in the following situation:

  • They have been discussing a merger for a considerable period of time;
  • They believe that they are generally compatible with each other;
  • They have some knowledge of each others practice systems and operations; but,
  • They have not found a way to move beyond the concept of a merger to the reality of a merger.

For groups in this situation, a merger planning/negotiation retreat can provide the needed framework to discuss and resolve key merger issues. In such a retreat, groups typically reach a decision as to whether to merge or not, and, if a merger is appropriate, discuss and reach “agreement in principle” on the key merger issues.

Latham Consulting Group’s Merger Planning/Negotiation Retreat Facilitation Services support this effort by providing an organized process to conduct such a retreat. Our process typically includes interviewing members of each group, reviewing key practice documents and preparing an agenda and work papers to support the retreat. We then facilitate the merger planning/negotiation retreat where the groups discuss and resolve key merger issues.