Meeting Facilitation

The Need

Healthcare organizations across the country are facing an unprecedented array of opportunities, threats and issues to resolve. To move forward, organizations often conduct meetings or retreats to resolve issues and shape plans for the future. Because such meetings are a big investment (primarily due to the cost of time of the participants), it is important to achieve as much as possible is at these meetings.

Unfortunately, there are often significant obstacles in conducting efficient and effective meetings:

  • The participants may not be sure how to work their way through the myriad of issues and processes.
  • There may be sensitive issues that are difficult for the participants to address.
  • The participants may have no one to coordinate the effort.
  • The participants are often so busy representing the interests of their constituents that they have difficulty reaching the compromises necessary to reach a solution.

What is often needed is an objective outsider to assist in facilitating decision-making meetings of healthcare organizations. Facilitators help in a variety of ways, to include:

  • Providing focus and keeping the group on track.
  • Making sure all are contributing.
  • Reducing wasted time.
  • Providing accountability.
  • Providing a fresh perspective.
  • Asking the tough questions when needed.


Our Services

Through Latham Consulting Group’s Facilitation Services, we assist healthcare organizations in making the most efficient and effective use of their meeting time. We serve in the following roles:

  • Independent, objective and impartial outsider: Clients come to us for an impartial viewpoint on internal challenges, and an independent check. We provide a fresh perspective on their external environment.
  • Special knowledge and skills: We provide advanced knowledge in our practice areas and serve as a guide and advisor to help the client achieve desired results.
  • Objective assistance in resolving highly sensitive issues: We help clients work through sensitive, emotionally charged issues.
  • Organizer and facilitator: We keep the meetings on track and moving forward.