The Need

The organizational structure of group medical practice is usually the result of an evolutionary process begun with the group was much smaller and faced less complex situations.  Because each physician is an owner of the practice, he or she often wants to be involved in each and every decision of the group.  Unfortunately:

  • Physician often have limited experience in how to reach decisions in a group environment.
  • They are often unwilling to define responsibility and provide authority so that decisions can be made by individuals or a subset of the entire group.
  • Each physicians tries to direct the activities of the medical group manager, and the manager has no common set of goals to guide his or her direction.

This can result in:

  • Lack of progress by the group towards reaching its goals.
  • Frustration by the physicians because of lack of progress.
  • Dissatisfaction of the manager because of conflicting directions.


Our Services

Latham Consulting Group can assist you in solving these issues by helping you to:

  • Develop a defined organization structure.
  • Specifically identify responsibilities and authority.
  • Create a formalized governance and decision-making process.
  • Develop job descriptions and performance review systems for administrative staff.